Not Guilty Verdict for Client Charged with Attempting to Board a Commercial Aircraft with a Loaded Weapon

Criminal defense attorney Jameika Mangum’s client entered O’ Hare International Airport in Chicago. He approached the security checkpoint with a sealed cardboard box that contained items such as gifts for his children, t-shirts, a camera, and a loaded .22 gun. The box was placed on the conveyor belt and the gun was spotted by the Transportation Security Administration. Charged with “Attempting to Board a Commercial Aircraft with a Weapon,” Mangum’s client faced a Class 4 Felony charge, typically punishable by 1 to 3 years in the state penitentiary.

After receiving a call from her co-counsel, Mangum immediately took the case. During closing arguments, Mangum showed that the State failed to prove intent, and that the gun was left in the client’s bag from a hiking trip two weeks prior. “The prosecution is required to prove that my client ‘knowingly’ possessed the gun. My client forgot the weapon was in his bag,” stated Mangum.

Mangum, along with her co-counsel, Michael Domanico, were victorious in getting a “Not guilty” verdict, resulting in a big win for both her client and her firm.

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